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Teach For China

Charity Overview

Teach For China is a programme of the Beijing Lead Future Foundation, a nonprofit foundation registered in Beijing, China which partners with the China Children and Teenagers' Foundation.

Teach For China believe every child has the right to access quality education. In China today, your birthplace determines your educational prospects and life opportunities. As Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai rapidly develop, millions of people living in China's rural and inland communities are being left behind. While nearly 80% of student’s from china’s developed urban areas will have the opportunity to attend university. Only five percent of students in underprivileged regions will enrol.  Two thirds of China's young people are growing up without access to quality education: children as young as 10 are dropping out to become farmers or work in factories. If education is the key to escaping poverty, then there are 200 million children in China facing daunting, if not impossible odds.  

Eight of the 11 counties in which Teach For China serves in Yunnan have been identified as high-poverty areas by the Chinese government. Teach For China Fellows work relentlessly to equip their students with the knowledge, skills and mindsets they will need to succeed in school and expand their horizons. With the help of intensive teacher training and ongoing support from Teach For China, Fellows lead their students to defy expectations.