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As another ICAP Charity Day approaches, it causes me to reflect on how far we have come since the beginning and how much has been achieved, thanks to all the wonderful support we have had from our customers, employees and suppliers. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been improved or even saved because of the medical research; treatments, technical expertise and education that your generosity has funded.

Charity Day has made such a big impact on the charities we support around the world because giving away one day's revenue and commissions every year has enabled us to fund entire projects – such as a badly-needed clinic in a remote part of Kenya, a science laboratory in a rural school in India or research into conditions such as cystic fibrosis which has progressed as far as clinical trials... over 1,800 projects worldwide.

We have been following up on some of these projects and you can read about them in the 'Success Stories' section of the website.

Perhaps the most gratifying thing is the knowledge that Charity Day is helping to drive forward the search for a cure for serious and terminal illnesses, as well as empowering people, by giving them the means and expertise to change their own lives.

Thank you for your continuing support. We all know how hard it is for charities to raise money in these difficult economic times and so this year, your efforts will be more worthwhile and appreciated than ever.

Together we give 100%