Thanks to all the wonderful support we have had from ICAP's customers, suppliers and all of our employees across our different businesses, hundreds of thousands of lives have been improved or even saved because of the medical research; treatments, technical expertise and education that your generosity has funded.

ICAP Charity Day has made such a big impact on the charities we support around the world.  Giving away one day's revenue and commissions every year has enabled us to fund entire projects – such as providing 207,179 people in Malawi with clean, safe solar lights; funding research studies to protect global fish stocks and sustain marine conservation; providing 5,100 free cataract surgeries to the rural population of Buxar in India; enabling people with Down’s syndrome to overcome the barriers to gain employment and launching a pan-European ‘hotline’ 116 000 – the first emergency number of its kind dedicated to finding missing people. 

Since ICAP Charity Day begain in 1993, together we have supported more than 2,700 projects worldwide. We have been following up on some of these projects and you can read about them in the Success Stories section of the website.

Perhaps the most gratifying thing is the knowledge that Charity Day is also helping to drive forward the search for a cure for many serious and terminal illnesses, as well as empowering people, by giving them the means and expertise to change their own lives.

Thank you for your continued support. We all know how hard it is for charities to raise money in the current economic climate and your efforts are extremely worthwhile and appreciated.

Together we give 100%