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Charity Overview

SpecialEffect enable severely disabled people to use and communicate through computers, by adapting technology to their individual needs, opening up new worlds of fun, creativity and inclusion and most importantly to help them get the most out of life. SpecialEffect specialise in Eye Control Technology. Imagine: you’re paralysed and can’t move anything except your eyes. You can’t speak. Through eye-movement alone, the charity is continually developing technology to enable people to operate a computer to communicate and regain a degree of independence, giving their clients a voice when they don’t have one. Tom wrote simply: “Thank you for giving me my life back.” It’s so important to be able to join in with family and friends, and not feel left out. This hugely benefits rehabilitation, mental wellbeing, self-esteem and overall quality of life.

SpecialEffect is the only charity in the UK providing this specialised, one-to-one support and is there to help each person for life, with whatever technology need they have. All of SpecialEffect’s work is delivered completely free of charge. The charity currently serve 360 severely disabled people on a face-to-face basis across the UK and supports many more online, evident in having had more than 250,000 views of its online tutorials and case studies in 2015 alone.  The charity support people of all ages, from as young as two years old to end of life, with no upper age limit.