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Charity Overview

Shanghai Adream Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organisation which endeavors to address the inequalities in China’s education sector through its projects and services, collectively known as the “Adream Center” network. The “Adream Center” network is an education ecosystem engineered to facilitate the growth of both students and teachers.

There are currently 1,846 Adream Learning Centres serving 2,030,600 underprivileged children across the poorest semi-rural and rural Chinese provinces. The charity strives to encourage children to think “outside of the box” whilst developing strong yet flexible life skills. 

Adream Courses were set up by the charity to help marginalised Chinese children increase their self-awareness and explore the broader world through unique and interactive learning experiences. Most education in China is traditional rote-learning (memorisation by repetition), but the Adream Foundation has gained permission from the authorities to teach in this “non-traditional” learning style, so that both urban and rural areas can truly benefit from the learning process.