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Charity Overview

The John Velvin Charitable Trust (JVC) aim to provide financial and personal support to children and young adults who are inflicted with chronic kidney disease, where their education has or is suffering because of their illness. 

JVC completely understands the needs of these pupils and sources a suitable school, with an empathetic nurturing environment where the teaching staff take particular care in providing the necessary time and education required to increase the children’s confidence and bring them up to speed in all areas of their studies.

The Trust has been set-up by family and friends of the late John Velvin who suffered from long term chronic kidney disease. Specifically, the Trust provides individuals with opportunities and reassurance they otherwise would not have access to, ensuring children coping with the disease are guided and helped to develop their full potential. In addition to providing monetary contributions, the Trust exists to offer support in the form of access to many other networks including professionals, career development and counselling.