The SafePoint Trust

Charity Overview

The SafePoint Trust is a charity with a global remit to improve basic healthcare provision. The charity believes that every person across the world has the right to ask for and receive a sterile, safe injection. It’s known that the use of dirty and unsterile syringes is sadly all too widespread in hospitals and medical centres, particularly in developing countries. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that blood-borne diseases like HIV and Hepatitis are being widely transmitted by this practice, and that unsafe injections alone kill 1.3 million people each year. Every 24 seconds a person dies as a result of receiving an injection from an unclean syringe. These are horrifying statistics, and yet people are unaware of the extent of the problem, or often unwilling to acknowledge it even exists. 

SafePoint is working towards the global changeover to Auto Disable (AD) syringes by 2020 as directed by the WHO Global injection safety campaign, launched in February 2015. AD syringes are a type of syringe that can be manufactured as cheaply as standard ones, only used once, therefore stemming the spread of disease passed on in this way. In particular, using the knowledge and expertise of Founder Marc Koska to drive the conversion of syringe manufacturers to produce safer products and to build the “LifeSaver” brand - a brand which will be used on all safety syringes that comply with the WHO standard.  This will be achieved through integrated communications campaigns. SafePoint will work to create and distribute a strong messaging system to support the manufacturing and use of ‘LifeSaver’ Auto Disable syringes.