We are Charity Day

The idea behind ICAP Charity day is simple, and enduring. Use the core skills of financial professionals, and ICAP’s position at the heart of  global markets, to help people and causes in need.

Born in 1993, ICAP Charity Day is a pioneering fundraising initiative where everyone contributes. ICAP as a company, together with our brokers, give 100% of one day’s revenue. Our charity partners' celebrity ambassadors generate the interest, and our clients respond.

The result is significant and lasting positive impact. Over the past 30 years, ICAP Charity Day has raised more than £165 million, donated to more than 2,900 charitable causes around the world, directly supporting more than 7.7 million people.


Ant & Dec’s ‘Making it in Media'

Since 2020, ICAP Charity Day funding has supported Ant & Dec’s Making it Media course with The Prince’s Trust. The programme has been designed by Ant & Dec to give young people skills, confidence and access to placements and jobs with the entertainment and media industry.