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President's Challenge

Charity Overview

Thanks to the generous donations from ICAP in 2012 and 2013 The President’s Challenge has been able to expand support to its charity partners.  The President's Challenge represents a coming together of people from all walks of life, under the President’s patronage, to help those who are less fortunate. It is the President’s call to all Singaporeans to do their part to build a more caring and cohesive society. For the past 14 years, The President’s Challenge has raised over $130 million for some 650 voluntary welfare organisations, particularly smaller charities and those which have difficulty raising funds on their own. 

Project Summary

A portion of the funds raised at ICAP Charity Day went towards Eden School, a school under the Autism Association and a beneficiary of the President’s Challenge in 2012.

The much anticipated Fun Square (for children aged 7-12 years) and Fitnesscape (for students aged 13–18 years) were officially opened on 21st October 2013.

These outdoor parks at Eden School were conceptualised to create an environment where the students’ sensory processing and integration needs could be enhanced. Research suggests that up to 90% of people with autism experience some degree of sensory processing impairment - the way in which the body notices, responds to and uses information. Therefore, providing opportunities for students to exercise before, during and after school is crucial to their well-being.

The Fun Square is used by 161 students each week and is equipped with a Horizontal Loop Ladder, Rock Blocks, Whirlwind Climbers and Explorer Music Panels. These help promote motor skills, rhythm and movement. The area is characterised by vibrant and cheerful colours to cater to the younger pupils.  The students look forward to interacting with the equipment during breaks and it is also a time for them to interact with their friends in a relaxed environment.

The Fitnesscape is targeted at more senior students, and the funded equipment will improve students’ gross motor skills, upper body strength, balance and co-ordination. The collection of equipment includes a Flying Squirrel Zip Line, LifeTrail® Lower Body Cycling Exercises and LifeTrail® Weighted Squat Exercises. The equipment can be adjusted to provide different strength resistance.  Student-led daily lessons are carried out here for 42 students each week, and the students enjoy the challenge of a good workout.