Jamie Oliver Food Foundation UK

Charity Overview

A group of ICAP volunteers visited the Lansbury Lawrence Primary School to help inspire the next generation of London ‘foodies’.  The volunteers participated in Jamie Oliver’s 3rd Annual Food Revolution Day which teaches young people about the importance of cooking food from scratch and raises awareness of how food impacts our health and happiness.  

Watch the ICAP Volunteer Day film below.

Project Summary

ICAP employees began the day by working alongside students in their edible garden; demonstrating first-hand how to sow and grow fresh produce.  Many inner-city children have never worked in a garden and have limited knowledge about where fresh fruit and vegetables come from. 

I was thrilled that we got the kids excited about food and gardening… one of them even said he thought gardening was better than x-box!
Kim Alcantara, Legal Counsel, ICAP.

Our ICAP volunteers then helped the students follow a recipe from start to finish, working alongside Jamie Oliver’s live-streamed global ‘cook-along’.  The employees assisted students with the process of cutting and grating organic vegetables and mixing up a healthy dressing using fresh ingredients.    

The knowledge of home cooking used to be passed down from generation to generation, but now millions of people lack the confidence and even the most basic skills needed to cook for themselves and their families. Educating children about food in a fun and engaging way equips them and the generations to come with the skills they need to live healthier lives.

“From the weeding, to the planting and preparation of the ‘rainbow wrap’ there was a real buzz and lots of interest from the kids. The goal itself of educating children about healthy food is vital.  Again, thanks for the opportunity and a great day. I think we all learned a lot.”   Joan McElligott, EBS Sales, ICAP.

Food Revolution Day is a day of global action to help keep cooking skills alive. It’s about celebrating the importance of cooking good food and raising awareness of how it impacts our health.  This process starts with getting children excited about ingredients, by making cooking fun and inspiring a love of food that will last a lifetime.