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Charity Overview

Sargood Foundation’s vision is that people affected by a spinal injury are provided with opportunities to live life to the fullest. The charity aims to break down social barriers so people with a spinal injury can play an equal role in society. The charity help people with the condition live full and rewarding lives by promoting social integration and activity, access employment opportunities and by providing information and support to people living with a spinal cord injury.

A key function of the charity is to raise funds for its Sargood on Collaroy Centre. A world-renowned resort for people living with a spinal injury. Facilities include an onsite adapted gym, spa, wheelchair maintenance pit, sport and recreational activity equipment as well as an accessible playground and ocean pools with ramp in a community that embraces inclusion and access. It aims to be recognised globally as the place where people with a spinal injury want to come to refresh, learn and connect. 

The Sargood Foundation also provides funding assistance to people with a spinal injury to encourage independent living within their community.